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Earn Immense rewards by Supporting Al Balagh to preserve the prophetic knowledge and spread it to Millions of Muslims worldwide using the latest technologies.

In the previous year, with the help of Allah ﷻ and your continuous support, we delivered 5,600+ online teaching sessions, including 306,000+ teaching minutes benefiting 7000+ students from over 95+ countries. Alhumdulillah, Al Balagh students have spent over 14+ Million Minutes on our platform to acquire Prophetic knowledge and transform their lives.

Preserving Iman and Islamic values in a contemporary age, facilitating access to subject experts in revelation, rational basis, technology, spreading the divine knowledge, and spirituality

Al Balagh Scholarships

Alhamdulillah, By the grace of Allah, we hosted attendees from around the world for 5600+ spiritually transforming online sessions disseminating reliable Islamic knowledge.

Al Balagh Scholarship Fund is dedicated towards providing easy access to authentic knowledge by offering more scholarships to deserving students.

Contribute towards educating the passionate seekers of knowledge who would not be able to afford to do so.

Why Support us?

Al Balagh Academy is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation. As part of our vision, we
  • Endeavour to provide online Islamic courses and services at an affordable fee and, when possible, for free. 
  • Provided over 3,200 scholarships to those who could not afford to study otherwise.
  • Connect passionate students of Islamic knowledge with  Reliable Sharia Scholars and Subjects Experts from around the world.
  • Aim to help everyone to become better connected to Islam, enhance emaan, remove doubts and nurture conviction and pride in our traditional heritage. 
  • Convey the noble message of our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم 
  • Work towards preserving His legacy through easy and affordable access to Divine Islamic knowledge worldwide, ensuring that the light of knowledge reaches every home. 

All funds cover the costs incurred in delivering courses and services and in the sustainability of quality and growth. Many of our courses are subsidised by the Academy through the support of generous donors like you.

Support us to Preserve the Prophetic Legacy

Do you know about a pandemic which is much worse than COVID-19 and has caused much more harm, killing hearts and minds?

That is the pandemic of ignorance, a state where due to lack of knowledge about faith and spirituality, the hearts die. This has been spreading for a much longer period and continues wave after wave spreading amongst the Muslim Ummah and not only damaging our souls but also attempting to deprive us of our key Islamic traditional values and beliefs! Due to the pandemic of ignorance, millions of Muslims don’t know about basic and essential Islamic rulings related to their personal, professional and social lives.

Al Balagh’s aims to end this pandemic of ignorance and make the treasure of divine knowledge accessible to millions of Muslims worldwide using world-class online technology. Our vision is to ensure that authentic Islamic education remains accessible to all who wish to study Islam. We are working towards building one online Islamic education platform that could facilitate Millions Muslims and reach every corner of the world.

Your kind donations will help us spread reliable Islamic knowledge to Millions of Muslims worldwide. No one can truly imagine the immense reward of spreading such beneficial knowledge. Your small sacrifice and commitment to the future of the Ummah and the preservation of Islamic knowledge will be rewarded by the Almighty Allah in this world and in the Hereafter. The generosity of Allah is not limited, it is infinite!

The Almighty Allah says;

“Lend unto Allah a goodly loan. Whatever good you shall forward on your behalf, you shall find it with Allah, as better and richer in reward.”

[Quran 73: 20]

Through your financial support, we will be able to achieve our target of disseminating the light of authentic Islamic knowledge to every home and preserving the Prophetic legacy.

This is an exceptional opportunity to gain immense reward from Almighty Allah ﷻ by donating in the sacred month of Ramadan. Make the best of this opportunity to contribute to this noble cause by making Dua and by generously donating. Your donation will become a source of Sadaqa Jariyyah for you, reaping a continuous reward for generations to come.

It is also narrated in a Hadith, The Prophet said:

 “When a person dies his works end, except for three: ongoing charity, the knowledge that is benefited from, and a righteous child who prays for him.”

[Muslim, Al-Tirmidhi]

We believe that Islamic education is the only powerful weapon that can unleash the potential of Ummah and help them to change the world by implementing Islamic knowledge in their lives and making meaningful contributions to the global society. With the rising generation of youth, increasing penetration of online technology, We hope to become the next driving force in online Islamic education. We also ensure our traditional on-site Islamic institutions adopt online technology during the pandemic by providing necessary training and advice.

Your donation will allow us to achieve an online education platform for higher Islamic studies and Islamic research and help and inspire Muslims to become better connected to Islam, enhance their faith, learn and share Islamic knowledge, remove their doubts, and instil conviction and pride in our traditional heritage. For this great effort, Allah will surely reward you with His blessings in this blessed month of Ramadan.

Please consider making a donation whatever you can, big or small. Together we can make a difference!

Al Balagh Key Initiatives

Through our specialised courses, webinars and conferences, we are actively working towards:

  • Preserving Iman and Islamic values in a contemporary world.
  • Facilitating easy access to reliable and traditional Sharia Scholars as well as Subject experts of relevant scientific and academic fields.
  • Deploying state-of-the-art online teaching technologies to serve to Millions of Muslims worldwide.
  • Transforming the lives through the light of divine knowledge revealed on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and making them more closer to Allah through structued spiritual Tarbiyah.

Al Balagh Key Achievements

Removing Doubts /Instilling Conviction / Nurturing / (Fikri Ilhaat [western lens of world] / Irtidaat)

Westernism, Modernism, Scientismm, Liberalism and secularuism are few of the biggest challenges facing the Muslim communities today. It creates the doubts about Islam and entices them towards Westernism, away from the Islamic values.

Through our online Islamic courses, webinars and educational resources, Al Balagh is working to reverse the tide by reviving their faith in Islam and thwarting away misconceptions about Islam. Theereby, developing an Islamic mindset that can challenge the Western ideologies which are harmful for Muslim societies.

Over the past 3 years we have educated 2000+ Muslims through 500+ teaching sessions which helped them to become confident of their deen, regain their faith and respond to criticisms against Islam.. They have now become direct beneficiaries of deen with the ability to debate eloquently and pass it on to others.

Empowering Muslim Sisters

An educated, productive Muslim woman has the ability to transform a society by educating their children, families and friend groups. We recognise their potential and the importance of providing safe spaces for Muslim women to express the ideas, discuss various challenges and effectively address them.

One of the main goals of Al Balagh is to empower our Muslim sisters across the globe through quality Islamic education and online training. Currently, 0000+ sisters from all around the world, including developing countries, are studying with us; further, we aim to extend this to over 0000+ sisters by the end of this year. The aim is to support women in being the best that they can be as mothers, professionals, teachers and subject experts, yet maintain their Islamic values and pride.

One of the accomplishments that we have achieved this year is to launch a dedicated Takhassus Programmes, Alimiyyah programmes exclusively for Sisters, to produce a new generation of advanced female scholarship in the field of Fiqh who can guide the Ummah through education, research and training.