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Over 1400 years ago, on the 17th of Ramadan, the pivotal Battle of Badr took place. The unwavering dedication of 313 noble companions changed the course of history, paving the way for Islam's flourishing and golden peak.

Today, Al Balagh Academy invites you to rise to the occasion and join our noble mission to preserve the Prophetic Legacy and spread the divine knowledge of Islam to millions worldwide using the latest online education technologies. In this era of ignorance, promoting atheism, liberal views of LGBT, Islamophobia, and other antagonistic modern ideologies that challenge our faith. These ideologies are attempting to influence the minds our children, erode their traditional Islamic values, and create a sense of confusion and detachment from our true purpose in this world. As the Ummah faces such daunting challenges, we urgently need 313 visionary donors to stand with Al Balagh in this critical battle and support the Al Badr 313 Donation Campaign.

Your generous contributions will enable Al Balagh to counteract these destructive ideologies and empower our Ummah through online Islamic courses, webinars, and our dedicated knowledge hubs, Dar al Hidayah and Dar al Hikmah. By supporting our mission, you will help preserve and strengthen the Iman (faith) of countless Muslims, ensuring that the light of divine knowledge continues to guide and inspire future generations.

Join hands with us in this monumental effort to safeguard our faith and Islamic values. Together, we can create a strong, united, and inspired community that not only withstands the tests of our time but thrives and flourishes in the face of adversity.

Take a stand, make a difference, and answer the call to action by supporting the Al Badr 313 Donation Campaign today. The time is now to spark transformative change in the hearts and lives of countless Muslims worldwide.

To secure a place in any of the above levels, you can donate directly online here, fund-raise the required amount for Al Balagh, or pledge the amount by submitting a form online.

The amount donated will support Al Balagh Academy’s Activities and ensure that we will remain independent and sustainable. By investing in this campaign, you will support a world-class online educational institution specializing in cutting-edge Muslim scholarship. You will also help us to address contemporary challenges facing Islam today. Your support is crucial to achieving our goal to spread Islamic knowledge to One Million Al Balagh Students by 2027.

You can secure places in the Al Badr 313 campaign on behalf of yourself, your family members and even those who have passed away (Marhumeen) as a Sadaqa-e-Jariyah Bi’iznillah!

Let’s donate now to make a difference worldwide Insha Allah!