Al Badr 313 Donation Campaign

A number that turned the tables for Muslims.
A number that set the foundation of Islamic History.
A number that is so significant, that the hearts tremble hearing the story behind it. 

“Allah had certainly granted you victory at [the battle of] Badr whilst you were few in number.” [3:123]

Be amongst the torchbearers of Prophetic knowledge. Be amongst the 313.


Over 1400 years ago, on the 17th of Ramadan, one of the most significant battles in the history of Islam took place – the Battle of Badr – in which 313 noble companions staked their lives for the future of Islam so that we could live in a world where Islam flourished and reached its golden peak.  

Al Badr 313 donation Campaign seeks 313 generous donors who can help us achieve our mission of preserving the Prophetic Legacy and spreading the light of divine knowledge to millions of Muslims worldwide.

Secure your place in the 313 places by donating towards the 313 Campain to reap immense rewards from Allah (SWT) for many generations to come and as a token of appreciation, you will also receive the Al Balagh Reward Coupon worth half the donated amount, that can be used to learn Islam and share with others. 

To secure a place in any of the above levels, you can donate directly online here, fund-raise the required amount for Al Balagh, or pledge the amount by submitting a form online.

The amount donated will support Al Balagh Academy’s Activities and ensure that we will remain independent and sustainable. By investing in this campaign, you will support a world-class online educational institution specializing in cutting-edge Muslim scholarship. You will also help us to address contemporary challenges facing Islam today. Your support is crucial to achieving our goal to spread Islamic knowledge to One Million Al Balagh Students by 2025.

You can secure places in the Al Badr 313 campaign on behalf of yourself, your family members and even those who have passed away (Marhumeen) as a Sadaqa-e-Jariyah Bi’iznillah!

Let’s donate now to make a difference worldwide Insha Allah!